Guidelines for posters

  • The official language of the Conference is English. Only posters in English will be on display throughout the conference period.
  • The maximum dimensions for poster are: 70 cm (27.6 in.) wide, 100 cm (39.4 in.) high.
  • The presenters will be responsible for setting up and removing their material.
  • Posters cannot be sent in advance (they must be brought by their presenters).
  • Poster locations will be assigned during poster sessions.


Guidelines for oral presentations

Those giving oral presentations are kindly requested to arrive in their presentation room at least 15 minutes before their presentation begins. Each panel presentation session room contains the following:

  • One data/video projector, screen and projectionist to assist with setup
  • One PC computer Windows 8.1 with a Windows-readable USB flash drive and CD-ROM drive (USB flash drive is recommended). Note: Macs can write a PC-formatted readable USB flash drive disk or CD-ROM
  • Software: PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and VLC player.
  • Supported Media file formats: for audio, we recommend using .mp3 files and for video, mp4 files.
  • Audio system with microphones
  • Laser pointer


To avoid setup delays, authors giving computer projection presentations should load media on a Windows-readable USB flash drive or a CD-ROM. Authors can use their own laptops, but should recognize that the additional setup cuts into presentation time.

If you use your own laptop, you must have a VGA 15 pin HD female VGA output and HDMI adapters. Note: some laptop computers have a special interface cable that attaches to their video output to hook up to external monitors or data/video projectors.


Presenters must bring a copy of all external files in their PowerPoint presentations. This includes movie or sound files (.wav, .avi, .mpg, etc.). Presenters using their own laptops should have the most recent version/update of drivers installed.

To ensure that sessions run to time, presenters are kindly requested to reach the stage when the previous speaker has finished his/her presentation and the discussion has just started.

In all of the sessions, no external chairs are allocated. The first speaker scheduled for each session is kindly requested to chair the session. If the first speaker is unavailable, then the second speaker shall assume the role of the chair.


Chairs are responsible for introducing the speakers, allocating time to each speaker, ensuring the session runs to time, and overseeing the discussion.