About EuroCogSci

The European Conference on Cognitive Science (EuroCogsci) is a milestone in the development of the interdisciplinary field of cognitive science in Europe. It builds on a history of scientific exchanges between European researchers and cognitive scientists from around the world, while itself starting a new tradition of closer cooperation.

The purpose of the conference is the presentation of empirical, theoretical, and analytical work from all areas of interest in cognitive science, such as artificial intelligence, education, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and anthropology.

The focus of the conference is on interdisciplinary work that is either of interest for more than one of these research areas or integrates methods from different fields. Furthermore, applications of cognitive science research in such domains as human-computer interaction, education, knowledge management, or engineering are equally welcome.

EuroCogsci conferences take place every 4 years. The 3rd European Conference on Cognitive Science was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2013 Cognitive Science Society held its 35th annual meeting in Berlin, Germany.